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  • Player Name

    Edeh Ebuka

  • Position

    Right Back

  • Height

    172cm(5ft 9in)

  • Birth Date

    August 16, 2003

  • Country


  • Strong Foot


  • Current Team

    Coal Camp


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    Reviews for the Player

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    Review Author
    2024/04/06 3:27am

    Wow! This guy reminds me of a young Patrice Evra or Marcos Alonso at fiorentina.

    Ebube is very confident with his attacking runs, his ball distribution is above average, but can be improved, at times the ball was delivered too close to the goalkeeper, funny enough, his goal came from one of such crosses.

    Defensively, his tackling is strong, though ill timed at times, but this can be improved as his career progresses. His defensive positioning wasn’t the best, but he made up for it with his ability to track back very fast.

    He is a very strong lad, and it was evident in his one on one with his opponents.

    Overall, I enjoyed watching Ebube’s attacking forays, and his confident marking.

    Personally, I think he might do better as a wing back if trained properly, he has the stamina, the speed and the potential to deliver great final balls. I wish him success in his football career.

    Review Author
    2024/04/06 3:19am

    Standing tall at 5 feet 9 inches, Edeh Ebube may not be the tallest on the pitch, but his impact looms large.

    With each match, he reaffirms his status as a true titan of the game, a player whose brilliance knows no bounds.

    He is electrifying to watch at right back.

    A master of overlapping runs and zonal marking, Ebube seamlessly integrates into his team’s defensive and offensive strategies, becoming a formidable force to reckon with.

    Time and again, he showcases his impeccable off-the-ball movement, effortlessly creating space and wreaking havoc in the opponent’s defense.

    Ebube’s prowess extends beyond defensive duties.

    With a flick of his foot, he delivers pinpoint crosses that leave defenders scrambling and attackers salivating.

    And when it comes to set pieces, look no further than jersey number 14, the maestro himself, orchestrating plays with surgical precision.

    His first touch is a thing of beauty, effortlessly bringing the ball under his spell.

    His dribbling skills leave defenders dizzy, as he weaves past challenges with ease.

    And when the pressure is on, Ebube’s strength at holding the ball becomes a beacon of stability for his team.

    So here’s to you, Ebube, a shining star in a galaxy of footballing talent.

    Review Author
    2024/04/06 3:14am

    Edeh ebube plays as a right back. He is a fast player with a good football sense. He makes excellent tackles and gives good crosses.

    He has won many of the match in two football matches where his strengths were outlined.

    He is a good tackler, very fast player and gives good accurate crosses.

    He can improve in his reaction and reading of the game. He also needs to cover more in his position.

    This is my honest review of the player.

    Review Author
    2024/03/28 4:17pm
    His very good in
    1. Positioning
    2. Calmness
    3. Ball control
    4. Crosses
    However he should work on overlapping runs except that it’s a 5 star performance

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