Recommend yourself to ImPros

We understand there is a lot of youth players that need a chance.

But in most cases, you get no result or response when contacting a scout, agent or club.

The reason is simple, they prefer to scout a player by themselves instead of self recommendation. They receive a lot of requests every day and they have no time to check one by one.

It's not that simple like "I'm good, just come to check me."

We are covering all football academies across Africa continent and each football academy can recommend their 2 best players, but we believe there is still a lot of talented players that have not been discovered yet and there are some football academies we have not cooperated yet.

Our platform provides a chance that you can expose yourself to worldwide right away, well as long as you are talented enough.

Please read below requirement carefully before submitting your form.

Requirement Basic

1. You have been training in a football academy.

2. Your FA is participating in a well-organized league, cup or tournament.

3. Your match is live-streamed on youtube.

4. The match stadium is good for camera recording. Check the below good and bad samples:

Requirement Must

No one could 100% assure that a player would be good enough when going to a higher-level. So you need to be outstanding, no one could stop you, you feel you were playing with kids in matches.


We only charge 10USD or 10k Naira for reviewing your application and match video. We are charging this fee to filter some players that are not serious or confident enough about themselves.

We will fully refund your money if you are finally listed on our platform.

Please note your application could be possibly rejected as we are seeking for only best players(based on Requirement Basic and Requirement Must) and we are aiming to be the platform exposing the most talented youth footballers, so that clubs, scouts and agents would prefer to browse players on our platform to save their time.

If your application is rejected, you will be able to re-submit your application after one year. Just train harder and never give up!


Your application will be reviewed by one of our staff.

To avoid bias, you can make a dispute if your application is rejected. And we can invite 3 football professionals such as football journalist or intermediary to review your application. If 2 0f 3 prefer to approve your application, you will be listed.

You will need to pay $30 or 30k Naira for the dispute, the money will be distributed to the 3 reviewers.


Benefit of being listed on our website

1. You will be exposed to clubs, scouts and agents worldwide.

2. You could be invited to join a best and famous football academy.(Maybe you don’t know, some football academies only accept new players that are invited or recommended.)

3. We will make free videos for you whenever you provide the youtube link of a full match.