We are becoming the Faucet of discovering talented youth footballers in Africa!

Players in Africa are like fruits on trees waiting for pick up


According to FIFA 2023 Report, 51,147 amateur players of over 200 nationalities involved in international transfers.
Nigeria - 445 players transferred out.
Ghana - 291 players transferred out.
Cameroon - 129 players transferred out.

Africa is like a golden mine

  • Victor Osimhen MV: €110.00m in 2024
    Graduated from Ultimate Strikers Academy
  • Victor Boniface MV: €40.00m in 2024
    Graduated from Real Sapphire Football Academy
  • Samuel Chukwueze MV: €20.00m in 2024
    Graduated from Diamond Football Academy

Deeply cooperating with football academies across Africa continent

Cooperating and sponsoring leagues to discover best players at the first time





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