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    Aka chinonso john

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  • Birth Date

    September 10, 2003

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  • Strong Foot


  • Current Team

    Coal Camp


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    Review Author
    2024/04/06 3:36am

    Aka Chinonso John: Right foot, defensive midfielder


    Passing: 8/10

    Awareness of/off the ball and Zonal Positioning: 8/10

    Tackling and Interception Skill: 8/10

    Technicality and vision (releasing the ball relative to nearest teammate): 10/10

    Recovery: 8/10

    Shooting: 7/10

    Composure: 9/10


    Aggression: 6/10

    The player showcases exceptional strength across different facets of the game. His short and long passing are accurate showing great vision and awareness. He is exhibiting a deep understanding of flow and positional play when deciding to make a challenge for the ball, as a result he comes into the tackle more likely to win the ball or successfully dispossess the player. He has a good shooting ability from long range and also has a good recovery rate which allows he regain lost ground and break the opponent’s attacking flow. He is composed on the ball and releases it quickly and accurately to the nearest teammate.

    However, he should be more aggressive as a defensive midfielder.

    Review Author
    2024/04/06 3:36am

    This lad is a very good Modern day DM.

    His vision is superb, ability to spot Runs in behind, Crosses are top notch, Tackling and winning duels is there, Short passes to control possession is there.

    This are all you need in a Defensive Midfielder and he has it.

    Top notch quality I must say.

    However there’s always room for improvement, so I’ll rate him 4 star


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