$MTC - ManTou Coin

ManTou project makes your unused items valuable.

How it works?

  • Step 1 Donate your unused items to a charity organization.
  • Step 2 Random amount of $MTC will be airdropped to your wallet automatically, you can consider it as a gift card.
  • Step 3 Hold $MTC or Spend your $MTC in stores, supermarkets, gas stations, or restaurants.

Our Partners

Give a Pair A Second Chance.

Charity Boots is a UK based charity that collects unwanted football boots & donates them to children across the world.

What is ManTou Coin?

ManTou is a traditional typical food in East Asia especially in China, Japan and Vietnam.

ManTou came out about 1,700 years ago and in history, ManTou was once taken as worker's salary, 2 pcs of ManTou could make a worker work for a day.

ManTou Coin is expected to peg to ManTou. MTC is abbrev. of ManTou Coin, and 1 MTC=1 ManTou.

Advantage of ManTou

1. Unlike other food, ManTou is sold based on pcs instead of weight. 1pcs of ManTou always costs about 0.07USD.

2. Unlike other food, ManTou has traditional size. 1pcs of Mantou is always as big as half of an adult's palm.

3. Defeat inflation. No matter how inflation goes, you can always expect to use 1MTC to buy 1pcs of ManTou. MTC will always be minted or distributed when a Mantou is made up.

Further more, for example, when an unused tshirt is donated, we can consider it as 10 pcs of ManTou were made up and 10MTC will be distributed.


Leverage donator and charity to next level

Donation, reward, gift market, wallet, auction and more!

Auction Market for the decentralized future

MTC holders decide the peg value of $MTC

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