Hearts❤️ are virtual points that users can purchase on impros.io platform.

The hearts❤️ allow users to purchase and send virtual gifts to football players.

10 hearts❤️ = 1 USD

All new accounts begin with 10 free hearts.

Points are the other virtual points on impros.io platform.

The points allow users to play betting games on impros.io.

With concern of legal compliance, points canNot be purchased. The betting games are just for fun!

Top 10 winners will share $100 cash bonus.

All new accounts begin with 100 free points.

In total, each new account will get 10 free hearts❤️ and 100 free points.

In short, Hearts❤️ is used to send virtual gifts to players. Points is used to play betting games for fun.

Reminder: Hearts❤️ and Points are using two independent mechanics systems, and they cannot exchange to each other.

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Player Details
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Gifting to the player
My Balance 0.0 ❤️               Purchase ❤️
1 ❤️
5 ❤️
5 ❤️
10 ❤️
20 ❤️
50 ❤️
100 ❤️
200 ❤️